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Aion 4.0 introduced new kind PvP gear called “Battlefield”. In contrary to Abyss items, players can obtain these sets by Aion Gold collecting "Dire Tokens" from quests and monsters in PvP zones. Of course these items are weaker than Abyss ones, but are good alternative.

Aion 4.0 2nd part was introduced to Aion Kinah Korean PTS and is schedule to be released on live servers on 16th January 2013. Aion 4.0 part 2 includes the second new class – Bard and 5 new instances!

Today we bring you the newest Aion Online Gold 4.0 part 1. It mainly focus on level cap increase to 65, new zones, skills, items, instances, new forst and the new "Gunner" class.

BE AWARE! This is "fan-made" translation from the original Korean text. It does NOT contain all information or may be partially incorrect!

Aion 4.0 patch will introduce two new zones – one of them is Northern Katalam. Please click the maps for a full size.


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